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Girl Friends and lots on my needles

I have been so inspired since my trip to Maine, I feel like my knitting and spinning have a new focus.  I found out in the beginning of September that there was an opening in Paula’s Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat, which I hadn’t originally gotten into, and I was so ready to go!  I had already taken that week off and when I didn’t get in, I left it on the schedule, hoping that life would happen and there would be an opening.  I was so excited last year (was it only a year ago?) when I headed to Nashville to SSK 2013 and I was a little disappointed.  It may have been me, but I didn’t feel a part of anything, nobody was mean or anything, I just didn’t feel like I was close to anyone.  I had people to eat with and hang out with but I never made the connections I felt at Camp KIP.  I used to have a few friends, mostly my daughter’s friends moms, that I would do things with, but lately I’ve been so busy with work and the girls and my husband that I find my social world revolves around them, and I do miss that connection with other women.  Going to Maine was all about meeting women with at least one similarity, knitting, and really making friends with them.  And I’m pretty sure others felt that way too.  I met people that I never would have normally, and not only did I meet them, but I spent quality time and had really great conversations and insight into their worlds.  And I came home wanting to knit everything.

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Creative Energy

Sometimes I am stuck in my crafting, not really accomplishing much.  Other times I feel I have so many projects going on at the same time that nothing gets finished!  When I’m working at my office I feel so productive and I love how it feels to end the day thinking that I’ve put things in order and really made progress, but then I go home to stress and chaos!  I am trying to pare down, a little at a time.  Trying to organize.  Trying to use what I already own and take stock of my stash and library.  I have made some progress and it has been encouraging.

Yet I ordered new yarn specifically for a project.  I do not have a lot of sweater quantities in my stash, too many single skeins.  And when I knit the Long Sands Cardigan by Amy Christoffers last summer I purchased the same exact yarn that Amy had used, Karma by Berroco, as I had tried the sweater on in Nashville and loved the feel of it on my skin. 100% cotton, but easy to work with.   I used blunt tipped needles, they were 10 and 10-1/2, and that helped prevent splitting the cotton tape.  This sweater has been a staple of my wardrobe this past year.  My mom loved the sweater as soon as she saw it, but I have a problem knitting specific items for people, what if the color is wrong? the fit?  She loves the sweater, but it’s too large on her.  I saw her again this past weekend and she tried it on again.  Marissa made a comment on the way home about how Grandma really wants that sweater…so I ordered 12 skeins when I got home.  I’ve chosen a Prussian Blue that matches her eyes and hope she will like it!  She wears a lot of black (she lives in NYC) and red, but this is what I’ve chosen and it will be lovely.  If she hates it, it will fit one of my girls.  It took me 15 days to knit it last time, so this shouldn’t take long.

My mom’s been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s, which has always been a fear for her.  I have suspected this for a while, though my brother and sister blamed her behavior on her pain meds and her back problems.  My FIL is much older than she, he’s 94 and she’s 78, and he’s been diagnosed with dementia, not Alzheimer’s.  But the quality of our conversations is similar.  It’s been a tough summer.  My younger daughter spent a lot of time with her this summer, going into the city for days at a time.  And the older one is there today.  She goes to school at SUNY Stony Brook, and she took a bus after her last class last night into the city and will take an early morning bus tomorrow back to school since she has no work today.  She goes 3 days a week, and works 4 days a week, so she’s a busy girl.

Upcoming Adventures

I am going to Maine this weekend for the Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat in Kennebunk, ME.  We will be staying at the Franciscan Guest House from Sunday to Thursday, I will be going the day before.  I think I’m going to visit the Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, MA, but it’s not etched in stone.  Maybe I’ll stop in Boston on the way up to Maine.  I’m just ready for a bit of a break, I wish I was going away with my husband but this is a nice way to recharge.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people, seeing others again, and knitting on my Long Sands.  I’m to bring a pair of mittens with me, and I’ve chosen to knit my first pair of Thrummed Mittens.  The first attempt was too thick, and I ripped back to use a different roving.  These will be some wicked warm mittens!


Decision made

Realizing that leaving my house at 4 am and returning home at midnight to spend 5 hours at a fair is a bit insane, I have now made a reservation for two nights at a hotel in Maryland, and convinced my husband (I asked, he said yes) to go away with me and celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. And having him with me will curb my yarn and fiber buying! At this point it’s truly about the experience, and the enjoyment of being together. Really looking forward to my first trip to MDSW!

Paula, of Knitting Pipeline fame, recommended a book recently called North of Boston and it was available from my library to download so I did. At first I wasn’t sure about the character and the story but then I really got caught up in it. I think the author used terms like “her eyes slid sideways” three times in a few pages to indicate lying. Once was fine but doing it so soon after was irritating. There were some other continuity issues for me, after being beaten up and having my ribs broken, I would not have been moving around and swimming like the character did. But overall I was hooked on the book and found it pretty interesting.

So many books to read, so many things to knit. What would I do if I had all the time and money to do anything I wanted? Sometimes I wonder.

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Weighing My Options

I see on Ravelry that I can join a bus trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in May that would cost under $50. I’ve never been. But the pick up for the bus is at 6 so I’d have to be there earlier and leave my house at 4 AM. I wouldn’t get there til noon probably and then we’d leave by 5. So I’d be diving/ traveling for 14 hours to be there for 5 hours. Of course the 10 hours on the bus would be knitterly! But it seems crazy to spend my day
Iike that.

What are my options?

I could stay home. More $ for yarn.

I could do this bus trip, spending $ on gas to and from the exit on the highway and paying for the bus, ending up with 5 hours of experience.

I could reserve a room at a hotel and meet new people and go on Friday night, spend all day Saturday and possibly part it Sunday and have a nice relaxing time but for a bunch more $.

Or I could stay at a campground for much less $. I would love my husband to join me but weekends are precious this time of year.

I’m going to sleep on it.

Video Killed the Radio Star…

Not that I was a star, but I somehow managed to put info out here and be able to look at my processes. Reading over these posts gives me some insight to what I was working on and why!

Since Ravelry I’ve seriously neglected my blog and also stopped reading others as well. There are not enough hours in the day. And now that I’m back to working full time, even less!

I’ve been trying to finish what’s already on my needles, socks just last week with some Lorna’s Laces I got half price when Nora closed up.



And I made a hat using some color work for a KAL. Molly has already claimed it. That’s why things sometimes don’t get blocked, they are used right away!


One of the guys I work with is having a baby this week, so I thought I’d knit up a hat, but it’s too small I think. I’ll out it into the preemie pile and cast on another today.



So, that wasn’t so hard to start writing. Sunday looms ahead of me. I am watching someone’s dog so I have to head over to the other side of the harbor, and it rained like crazy last night so I will check the houses for my husband as well. Since I’m working full time, I said no more houses for me. But he’s busy today and I was the one who said I’d watch the dog so I’ll go! And I’ll visit my FIL as well, he wants me to do his taxes this year so I need to pick up his papers.

Then I will come home, and do (a little) cleaning and straightening up and then I can knit. I’m watching The Vikings now, season one, and I find it very gory but interesting. >

Moving Along

I have been making progress. I finished the orange and pink pair of striped socks in time to enter them in a few KAL’s for Sept. and the little one is quite pleased with them. Sometimes it seems like a sock doesn’t move on the needles, it seems so slow. And then other times I’m knitting along and can’t believe the progress I’m making. That’s how it’s going with my pair for Sock the Vote.


I wanted to step outside my comfort zone, so I was pretty sure I was going to knit these toe up, and I also thought I wanted to try a Cat Bordhi pattern, as I had purchased the e-book and should use it! Years ago when I had purchased one of her first sock books (also not knit out of :( ) I had gotten these stitch markers from an etsy seller, Hide and Sheep, that have the letters A-H on them. Cat marks different parts of her socks with these markers so I’m happy I had them (and actually knew where they were!) and the fact that they are different colors helps as well. The two socks actually have different instructions because they spiral n two different directions. Perfect for the Undecided Party. I’m not really Undecided in my party affiliation, just in knitting!


I’ve been knitting some purple hats for charity, I thought I had to get them into the mail by yesterday but found I have some more time so I may do a few more. I had to order the acrylic yarn online as I don’t have a LYS and I don’t really have an acrylic stash!


So off to work, but at least I got something published again!

Grand Reopening

Ta da! Here I go again! I’m trying this on the iPad app, will that make it easier to actually sit down and put my thoughts out there? Lazy morning after we had a school potluck dinner and outdoor movie night. I was cold sitting on my beach chair watching the Lorax ( which I had never seen so that was good ) and I wished that I had thought to wear a wool hat and mittens! I know! In September! But Missy also said that we should have dressed more warmly, we’ll know better for next falls movie night. I hadn’t remembered about the potluck til I picked her up at school and saw the preparations being made, what to cook? They were giving us coupons for a hamburger or hot dog each, and I had signed up for a side dish. I went home at 3:30 and boiled up 3 packages of tri color tortellini, cut up carrots and broccoli and cauliflower, and par boiled them, and cut up some red onions. Some oil and vinegar (I just use the no name Good Seasons mix) and I had a large tray of pasta salad done in half an hour. Plenty of time to sit and relax and knit before the potluck!

This is the first year they did the dinner at the school, they’ve been doing it at the beach the last few years and I felt there were less people who brought food, but more people eating. Two of my girl friends showed up and told me they told their kids not to eat cause they hadn’t brought anything and had eaten at home. Granted, if I had had to work til 5 and then show up at 5:30 I would not have had it together to bring food unless I had planned the day before so I shouldn’t judge. Must remember to not judge.

Ok, knitting! I finished one of my striped socks for Missy! I have 2 single unmatched socks for her, she thinks I should just finish one pair at a time and stop knitting on other things!


The orange and pink sock is Hermoine’s Everyday Sock in Lollipop Yarns (won it from the Fat Squirrel podcast!) and the green is a Katniss in Knitpicks Stroll. The pink and brown is my stripey sock Snakes on a Sock or Plane In Desert Vista Dyeworks.

I had started a preemie blanket for charity knitting but I don’t really have an acrylic stash! In fact I ordered some acrylic online because I had nothing in my huge ridiculous stash to do charity knitting with! Marissa has stolen it and is now knitting on it herself! I’ve used the Caron’s Simply Soft that I had purchased to make my Mother Bears with.


I’m finding that each time I put a picture in, the app makes me publish and then I have to edit to go on. I’ll figure it out eventually! It is easier to post pictures now without dealing with Flickr and since I take most of the photos on the phone, they are in my iCloud photo stream so it’s easier and that will let me post more I think.

Spinning. I’m finishing the Into the Whirled Captain Tightpants fiber in Rambouillet, and am plying it with the copper Merino/Silk I got from Woolgatherings a few months ago.


Wow, see, I just stopped and put that picture together! Now how to make the linking easier? At least I’ve posted, I miss blogging and miss being able to read about what I thought about my ongoing projects. And how excited I was about something!

Upcoming. I got in to SSK for next July! Especially since I know that Jackie won’t be doing Camp KIP, this was important to me. I was going to try for the Knitters Review Retreat, but I need more time to save up. And we’ve got Rhinebeck next month! I’m doing Sock the Vote with Single Handed Knits, I received my bag with my yarn and have to pick out a pattern! I have ordered some new Chiaogoo needles for sock knitting and am waiting on them. I will discuss needles and my new storage and organization of them in my next post! With pictures!

Glad to be back writing! Also I’m trying Plurk, so if you are on there please link me! woolyeyes on Ravelry and Plurk!

lost in stitches

Had a long day today. Work and then food shopping, with cooking to do for the little one’s holiday party. They wanted traditional foods, and she chose Rugelach. I was afraid that everyone would be bringing desserts, so I also made a batch of stuffed cabbage. Potato latkes are ok, but not something we eat that often, and it’s a food the kids have every year. I wanted to do something different. The Rugelach is Ina Garten’s recipe, but with no nuts or raisins. I did a batch on parchment paper, that sucked. The Silpat was the way to go. We ate the stuffed cabbage for dinner, big yummy. Now it’s back to knitting.


I’m not really doing any holiday knitting. I did knit a shawl for my mom’s birthday, black merino & silk. Very soft but knitting black yarn is crazy stuff. I got some new yarn in the mail, it was merino & silk & silver! Sparly stuff! Molly saw it and grabbed it and told me she wanted a ruffly scarf made out of it! This is the Zen Rain Shawlette in progress…


I was just sitting here working on a purl row and enjoying every moment of it. Sometimes I knit and knit and knit, working towards the end of a project and then I stop and enjoy and then pick up something else. I don’t enjoy what I’m doing, in the moment. And that’s what I’m doing right now, enjoying a purl row!

One Stitch at a Time

I keep saying that I want to get back to blogging and then I don’t make the next step! I keep feeling it has to be big, an event, but like Twitter and Facebook, it’s easier to post something short and sweet. I do try to post my projects on Ravelry but it doesn’t show what I’m doing at the same time.

These are a pair of Fuzzy Feet, a free pattern from Knitty. I have joined Hogwarts at Ravelry recently and that’s been giving my knitting quite the push. While I did enjoy reading the books, I haven’t seen all of the movies and neither of my girls got into it, but I am able to keep up with the crowd.
I like the challenges and I have been casting on and completing things I never would have.

Here’s a bag I knit to fit my e-reader for the times I want to bring it in my bag. WordPress seems to be locking up on the computer, do I’m doing this on the phone, which is almost easier for the photos but harder to write. So I’ve posted and now I’m going back to my Rocky Coast Cardigan and the wonderful Mad Tosh I’m knitting it with.



I am still here.  I want to start blogging again, and recently I’ve been getting emails from WordPress saying that someone has requested a password change and it gives me a link to change my password.  I thought that was suspicious and headed over here and changed my password myself.  But now I don’t remember it….. And then I got like 3 more emails telling me again that someone requested a password change so I think it’s a scam where they try and get your password and hope it’s the same one you use on your bank and your email, etc.  But I don’t and I’m not getting scammed this time.

But maybe they want my password so they can sign on to my knitting blog and post about knitting!

Yeah.  I love going back and reading about my projects and seeing my own pictures.  I’ve been trying to take more pictures with the phone and get them onto Flickr, and then onto Ravelry and it’s been working.  So I need to add pictures here!

I’m doing the Wendy Knits 2011 Summer Mystery Shawlette using Malabrigo Sock in the Aguas colorway.  I haven’t done that much lace and shawl knitting, but I do know that it will look different once I have it blocked out.  I’m further along than this picture and actually working backwards as I have discovered an error 3 rows back and know it will bother me enough to want it fixed!  I’m enjoying it, I need the pattern next to me, but can memorize each row easily enough.  I really like how it’s a top down and get smaller and smaller with each row!

I am also working on the pictureless Cassidy.  I have only one sleeve left and the hood.  But after the first sleeve I wanted a break.  I started to knit it flat and said that was stupid and changed to in the round.  I think it came out alright.  After I finish the shawlette I will go back to the sweater.

I did the Daybreak after Camp KIP, I love this shawlette and have worn it already many times!

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